Who are the synchrobloggers? A group of friends and acquaintances sharing an experiment in the blogosphere. Every other week, we agree on a topic, and reveal our separate takes simultaneously on Tuesday morning, 9AM.

This week’s topic: Debt.

How to count those to whom I am indebted?

If it were not for my mother’s love of art and reading, I might not be a reader and an artist.

If it were not for her practicality, I would have no money in the bank.

If it were not for my father’s willingness to spend, I would be afraid to occasionally splurge.

If it were not for his intelligence and business sense, I might not be able to call myself a young professional now.

If it were not for my first writing professor’s faith in me, I might never have believed I could be a writer.

If it were not for Ray’s wisdom and common sense, I definitely would not be as capable as I am.

If it were not for his love and support, I would not be nearly as happy as I am.

If it were not for Erin and Kathryn, who accepted me as their best friends growing up, I might not have been able to accept that love.

The list could go on. I owe my music collection to my brother, Justin, who copies CDs for me and introduces me to the cool indie bands. I owe my hands-on creative outlet, crocheting, to my Grandma Doris, along with a love for the beach and a place inside me that always misses her.

I owe so much, to so many people. Not all of it good. I could place many of my faults and personal failings at the feet of my divorced, neurotic parents, for example, and say, in the words of Ben Folds (thanks, Justin), “I’ve got you to thank for this.”

But in the end, I like to think. . . it all evens out. The good, the bad, what I owe, and what I give. It’s worthwhile to think about it, I suppose, and to be grateful for the good things, especially — to let them add to the value you see in the people you love. But ultimately, it’s not worth tallying up and obsessing about evening the score. Like a few dollars lent or borrowed between friends, who’s counting?

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